środa, 10 sierpnia 2011

First Road Test - Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1.4 Turbo MultiAir 170 km

Jazda testowa Alfą Romeo Giuliettą

Outside we can see sport, new line, which has his beginning in Mito, but I thing that in Giulietta this language of design matchs better.
About inside. In the bottom there are pictures of basis version, without leather upholstery but with grey fabric. However dashboard in both versions is almost the same. Differences arise from for example another panel of the dashboard (in Progression version this is Chrome shine grey Sprint, in Distinctive version this is Magnesio Grey - in Model for road test), manual or automatic climatisation a.t.c. We can say that customer gets many things in basic equipment. Every versions have got system D.N.A. This system controls the pressure in piston and theturn on/off of turbine. D means dynamic style of driving, N - normal and, A - all weather. 

Here there are armchairs in Distinctive version.
Here are the films made during road test. I had a car from Auto Dealer "ADF Auto" in Wroclaw.


source: km77.com, ADF Auto

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